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Curry Marine Services provides marine surveying litigation. We are accredited marine surveyors and experienced in performing any type of marine survey you might require for litigation, including thermal imaging, on any size or type of vessel.

Our expertise is often called upon to appear in court for situations which require litigation. We first investigate a claim related to the maritime sector and prepare reports on which litigation is based. We then attend court to testify as a an expert winesss.

An expert witness in marine litigation cases can establish the strengths or weaknesses of a case, which enables a legal professional to focus on a strategy and prove the case in court. The findings and conclusions of marine litigation experts can also make or break a case, often compelling parties to offer or accept settlements, drop the suit altogether, or lead to increased damages and larger settlements. The fact is that experts are necessary in marine litigation involving technical subject matter, such as the area of Curry Marine Services' expertise.


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