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Moisture Meter - This is used mainly on Fibreglass boats to determine the relative humidity of the laminate and to determine if the vessel has "osmosis" - pockets of glycol based resins which have not cured properly and which have reacted with water. We can also use the meter on timber vessels.

Thermal Imaging - The camera is used to examine Fibreglass hulls, electrical installations and machinery in an attempt to locate trouble areas. For example hot electrical terminals indicate a high resistance to current caused by poor quality connections or corrosion of the connections. 

Steel Thickness Measurements - This is an ultra-sonic unit used to determine the thickness of mild steel. The unit can be used to determine the thickness of aluminium alloys and other materials by selecting the suitable setting. It is used to determine if the steel has lost material due to corrosion.

Computer Software - We have purchased computer software which enables us to conduct many types of calculations for use with shipping. These programmes reduce the risk of error as the formulae cannot be altered.


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